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William S. Burroughs Scoop Neck Dress


Image of William S. Burroughs Scoop Neck Dress

Burroughs is author of the radical book NAKED LUNCH, was a recovering
JUNKIE and aficionado of exotic weapons. However, we'd like to
acknowledge Bill Burroughs for his pursuits in EVP (Electronic Voice
Phenomenon), Cut-up Literature, World Folklore, Space Travel, Virus
Parasites, Psychic Detectives and Purple-assed Baboons running for the
President of America!

This garment is super soft and comfy. Raw edges on sleeves with a hemmed neckline and bottom. Great for complimenting and layering additional shirts, skirts and stockings!

Womens Size Chart:

--Small -- Medium--- Large---

Bust: 30-32" / 32"-34" / 36-38"

Waist: 23-24" / 25-26" / 30-32"

Length: 28-30" / 28-30" / 28-30"