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Oviri 'Murderess' T-Shirt


Image of Oviri 'Murderess' T-Shirt
  • Image of Oviri 'Murderess' T-Shirt

In Tahitian mythology, Oviri was the goddess of mourning. Sometimes called Tueuse ("The Murderess"), she is shown with long pale hair, and wild eyes, smothering a wolf with her feet, while clutching a cub in her arms. Elements of her body may draw from images of fecundity. Thus life and death were evoked in the same image. The theme of Oviri is death, savagery, wildness. She lords it over a dead she-wolf, crushing the life out of her cub. Is it the death of the civilised ego, needed for the artist's regeneration, or is it, as Gauguin wrote to Odilon Redon, a matter of "life in death"?

☞ Available in a white OR silver print (see photos)

☞ Printed on a black unisex, super soft cotton tee.

Chest: S 36" | M 40" | L 44" | XL 48"
Length: S 28" | M 29" | L 30" | XL 31"